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President’s message

OSMIC Co., Ltd. has corporate identity of always seeing things through customers’ perspective. We wouldn’t be where we are here today without our customers’ empathy. We as a company do not stop growing and we continue on seeing things though customers’ perspective to be able to deliver the real needs for them.

OSMIC Co., Ltd.
President Hideyuki Nakagawa

Company Profile

Name of the company

OSMIC Co., Ltd.


Heiwa Bld. 6th floor, 2-9-8 Nihonbbashi Kayabacho, Chu-o-ku, Tokyo
TEL:03‐5623‐5444(Main Phone Number) FAX:03‐5623‐5446

Our Business

■ Importing soil improvement material, Sales and Production
■ Manufacture and Sales of fertilizer and soil
■ Consulting agricultural business and Development
■ Sales and Promotion of agricultural products.


In May, 2015

Capital Fund

199,700,000 JPY : 1,791,908 USD (In November, 2017 including legal capital surplus)


Hideyuki Nakagawa


President: Hideyuki Nakagawa
Vice President: Seiichi Watanabe
Senior Managing Director: Toshiya Yatsunami
Executive Managing Director: Takeshi Tsunoda
Managing Director: Singo Muramatsu
Director: Hiroyuki Oono
Operating officer: Toshikatsu Kimura
Operating officer: Masaki Kobayashi


Yasuyuki Miyoshi

Correspondent Banks

MUFG Bank, Ltd.
‎The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd.
The Chiba Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.
Rakuten Bank Ltd

Fiscal Period

End of March

Numbers of employees


Places of Business

Headquarter: Heiwa Bld. 6th floor, 2-9-8 Kayabacho Nihonbashi, Chu-o-ku, Tokyo
Chiba Factory: Shimoku, Chiba City, Chiba

Affiliated Companies

OSMIC Agri Chiba Co., Ltd. : Midori-ku, Chiba City, Chiba
OSMIC Agri Ibaraki Co., Ltd. : Tsukuba City, Ibaraki
MEC AGRI CO., LTD : Midori-ku, Chiba City, Chiba

Business Alliance

KING FARM : Nishio City, Aishi

Places of Business

The Company Headquarters
Headquarter: Heiwa Bld. 6th floor, 2-9-8 Kayabacho Nihonbashi, Chu-o-ku, Tokyo, 103-0025
TEL:03-5623-5444(Main Phone)

OSMIC Agri Chiba Co., Ltd.
2303 Hirakawa Cho, Midori-Ku, Chiba City, Chiba,266-0004

OSMIC Agri Ibaraki Co., Ltd.
218-2 Shimo-Yokoba, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki,305-0075